Case Summary

Harry Bout is a Michigan prisoner with Dutch nationality. He has been in prison since 1985.  Many people are convinced he should be released.

We ask for support for Harry because we are convinced he did not have a fair trial, and also, when Harry was arrested, the Vienna Convention was not followed in that the Netherlands’ authorities were not notified within a certain timeframe, which violates this international treaty.

While inside, Harry Bout has been supported by his sister, his mother when she was still alive, and he has friends in the USA as well as in The Netherlands. He has been visited by a Dutch organization dedicated to the spiritual care of Dutch prisoners abroad, who have also helped him during many difficult times.

Harry, now in his 60s, holds a job in prison, he exercises regularly, he writes letters to friends and family, and he cares for his fellow men around him inside. Harry is doing his best to do programs if they are offered.

Harry’s attorney James Sterling Lawrence no longer has a website, but the text he had on his site will explain some of the background and there are also photos clarifying the issue.

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