Harry Bout: Dutch prisoner in Michigan enters his 35th year as a wrongfully convicted person

Harry Bout with glasses and hatThis year marks 35 years since the murder of Al Iwuagwu, and Harry Bout is still in prison, wrongfully charged and sentenced for his murder. The alleged murderer has never been convicted.

We hope that Michigan authorities choose to do the only right thing and that is to examine what went wrong in this case, with the judge, the prosecution, the police investigation, and that the authorities will do their best to right the wrongs done. Because this is not called justice. Not for Harry, not for the victim’s family, not for society, which is not any safer if we let the wrong person be prosecuted and convicted.

We also plead to the Dutch authorities to keep supporting Harry Bout, to put in more effort to find a diplomatic solution to gain justice for their subject.

Each year offers new chances for good things. We hope this is Harry’s year for those good things.